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Back to the edifice of alienation  
09:12am 08/10/2009
Well here goes nothing, at least it's nearly the weekend I might attempt some sort of arduino hackery if I get time. Maybe some sort of midi device...
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Bahh, HX is possibly the most dull job ever  
02:35pm 22/09/2009
So yeah, I am posting via Elinks on my home webserver via ssh from the terminal on my Mac at work, "but why?" I hear you cry, "what could be the cause of this pointless geekery?" a thousand tiny voices in the back of the room scream. My answer, boredom. The whole point of my job, it would seem is to fix crappy code written by others who, it would seem, have no idea of how to write decent markup. Which isn't condusive to me actually wanting to do my job, I was promised projects and all I have been given for the last 2 months is scrutwork and text amends. So here I am, building my portfolio, putting together server side bits and bobs, all to escape the crushing tedium that is my latest job.

location: work (via home)
mood: listlesslistless
music: Linux Outlaws Podcast
tags: bored, hx, new job
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Good news  
02:51pm 29/07/2009
well I'm one month in to my six month contract at Holiday Extras and I've just been handed a training schedule for our internal systems that lasts for the next seven months. Awesome. I think...
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and relax....  
10:36am 27/07/2009
blimey that was a thoroughly exhausting weekend, Kelly and I with the aid of various of my friends and her family moved us into our new flat in one day. That's all my crap from my storage unit, everything from my mums (mostly), all the musical bits from my brothers and all of Kelly's bits from her old place. All up six flights of stairs, highlights included my electric organ and incubator stand, the sofa, the washing machine. and the washing machine box full of books. My arms and legs are still trying to divorce me, and I still have to sort through the boxes of stuff so we can get a good deal of it recycled/charity shopped.
Still mustn't grumble, we are in and so is all my stuff, my stereo is wired up for the first time in two years and I finally have a home, rather than just a place that I live. Plus my G/F, Kelly has been brilliant, she has worked so hard to make this move happen and I'm so happy that we're finally in together, at last.

Now we need to get the web set up and running, the network sorted, my music gear set up, a love film account up and running...
mood: accomplishedaccomplished
music: none, I forgot my headphones...
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01:43pm 24/07/2009
Soo tired,

Didn't sleep last night, just laid in bed unable to shut my brain off. Today I am parked in front of my screen trying to work out what is going wrong with the booking process for a major theme park's website and I just can't seem to claw my way into The Zone. Bahhh.

More than mildly frustrating really
mood: tiredtired
music: Universal Pussy Nation, Pow[d]er Pussy
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Hello Fuckers  
10:41am 23/07/2009
How are you then LJ people, back again...

More will follow
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hello again LJ  
09:52pm 16/02/2009
I'm back I am working in London and living in Kent, the commute is killing my soul and I have an offline LJ client.

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From Radio 4  
07:08am 13/12/2007
How sad...

Terry Pratchett released a press release saying he has been diagnosed with the early stages of Alzhiemers disease.
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(no subject)  
11:10am 04/12/2007
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cool animation  
10:41pm 20/11/2007
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